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Games and Activities for Kids

Get Creative
Games and activities that explore how looking at art, and the world around us, can open our mind to new experiences and ideas. Play Exploration Bingo, create an art-inspired poem or story, or make a drawing using shape and color to create a mood or feeling.

Exploration Bingo
Playing Exploration Bingo can help you practice looking at artworks and the world around us.

Create your own Bingo Card!

Write a descriptive word in each square (see the list below for word ideas, or come up with your own). At home play Bingo by finding objects that can be described with these words. At the Museum, search for details in the artwork with these descriptions.

Word List:
Textures: bumpy, furry, glossy, hairy, hard, rough, shiny, smooth, soft
Shapes: angular, flat, large, pointy, round, square, tall, tiny
Lines: curved, diagonal, straight, squiggly, thick, thin, zigzag
Color: black, blue, green, orange, red, pink, purple, violet, white, yellow

Download / Print Template ⤓

Art Poem or Story
Create an art-inspired story or poem based on works from Beyond Belief: 100 Years of the Spiritual in Modern Art. View a selection of artists and their work from our exhibition.

Try one of the following prompts:
Imagine you step into the artwork: would you move quickly or slowly? Would the surface feel hard or soft? Use all your senses and describe how it smells, sounds, and feels.

Describe a mood or feeling that the colors create for you; let the lines and shapes spark your imagination.

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Drawing with Shape and Color
People are often used to seeing paintings of things—a person, a landscape, or a favorite pet—but many modern artists don’t paint in this way. They experiment with shapes and colors and are interested in creating a mood or feeling through their artwork. Print out this page and create your own artwork that uses shapes and colors to create a mood or feeling. Share your artwork with someone else, and ask them to describe what they see or feel in the art.

Download / Print Template ⤓